Barry DeKrazi - A GMod Creepypasta

Written: December 29th, 2021
With the help of Eva

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Players of the game "Garry's Mod" have discovered a secret within the game's code. After searching for a while, a user found many lines of code referring to a "Barry DeKrazi". This mystery has left players baffled for years. Fortunately this mystery would be uncovered soon after, but the story has haunted many since then...

CHAPTER 1: Barry

Barry DeKrazi Newman was quite a crazy guy. He was born in 1968 on September 13, 1968. He was the much older brother of Garry Newman, founder of Garry's Mod. Those who knew Barry best would describe him as unstable, unpredictable, mad, mental, insane and crazy. A lot of people pointed out his middle name sounded like "the crazy", and whenever people asked him he would simply nod and chuckle to himself in a crazy manner. Some would say that he was quite similar to a crazy person. In October of 2005, Barry mysteriously disappeared without a trace. A lot of people referred to Barry as "Crazy Barry" because of how mentally messed up he was. Many people have sent messages and e-mails to Garry, inquiring about his long lost brother, but he would give the same response every time. "We don't talk about him." Once during a live interview, Garry was asked about his brother Barry. He didn't say a word, and instead broke down into tears. Do you understand yet? Let us begin.

In 1981 he was found sitting in a park completely by himself all alone with nobody around. When the police arrived he was nowhere to be seen. This would only be the first of many signs of Barry's absolutely messed up brain. His birthday would then be in 4 months later. In 1998 Barry mysteriously disappeared without a trace but would reappear after several minutes of the locals began searching for him. He would then go on to create a very successful and popular game show called "Crazy Barry's Crazy Gameshow". All traces of this show has been lost to time,however, my great grandfather still has a picture. Here.

Look .

It was said that barry would do really messed up and crazy stuff on this show, so apparently he almost hurt someone when he lowered someone into a vat of acid. And pirahnas. The show was very successful and very very funny. Barry was practically a Billion-air at this point. However disaster would strike in 1999, coincidentally on the same day as the pilot episode of SpongeBob Squarepants aired, when a mysterious fire broke out in the Crazy. Inc studio. It almost killed some people, but it didn't. Everyone managed to evacuate on time, apart from Barry. Barry did not make it to the exit on time and burned with his own studio.

However luckily he survived, unfortunately his skin would be severely burnt and messed up, in a similar fashion to how his brain was messed up in a way. Doctor. Friblemommer tried his best to restore Mr. Dekrazy's skin, however when he did his skin remains a desaturated and creepy pale white. Barry would make a full recovery despite this though.



CHAPTER 2: Barry and Garry

Barry was a hero to many, despite his craziness. He loved fishing with his brother Garry. After the catastrophic failure of his gameshow, he discovered a passion for game development, and became quite a "Gamer" himself. He loved video games. It was after the release of half- life 2 that Barry, Garry and Jon had a bright idea. Barry decided that it would be a brilliant idea to create a mod for half life 2, where you could do anything with 0 limits. He called this "Barry's mod." As he was the main developer. They would then go on to found Facepunk studios. And this drove Barry insane...

On February 11th , 2005, Because Barry was so crazy and kind of insane, him and Garry would get into a heated argument over their mod. Barry,, heartbroken, would take some time to cool off after the argument by going to his favorite fishing spot. But unbeknownst to him, this would be the last place he'd be seen alive...

Barry passed away peacefully that day due to falling into the lake while fishing, and then being eaten by a large amount of hungry hungry piranhas. Coincidently on the same day as the first spongebob squarepants movie was realeased. It was very freaky and creepy. You could see his blood and guts! Thats how crazy it was, similar to how crazy he was.


CHAPTER 3: The Rise of the crazy

Barry's life sure was twisted and crazy. A tragedy for sure. Garry, unable to cope with his brother's demise, took control of his mod. And in honor of Barry, renamed the mod to "Garry's mod"... this would later become the majorly successful game "Garry's mod". There was multiple rumours going around that the lake was haunted. Several days after Barry's death, Locals would find every sea creature within a 100 metre radius was found dead. Nobody knew what caused this, until they started to suspect that Barry's twisted and crazy mind had return to wreak havoc upon their little town.

Doctor Fibblemommer returned after these rumours and took a sample of the lake to study. He found several traces of remnant (ghost substance) in the water He recognised the essence immediately as the man he once operated on. Several nights after this, Fribblemommer would be found dead in his laboratory, he was found with his HEAD ripped off, and several piranha bites on his belly. The mysterious substance was also missing from the laboratory.

This is when Garry found a parcel at his front door. He took it inside to open it, and it was a glass jar of water mixed with traces of ghost substance. There was a note left with it. The note said to empty the contents of the jar into Garry's state of the art PC, and it would make the game run faster and have really cool graphics. Garry, not knowing what to do with his life anymore, obliged. Garry would then pour the gooey liquidy substance into the back of his computer. The note was right. The game was much faster and had beautiful almost life like graphics. Some say the game was almost too life like. When Garry sat down at his chair, he began playing his new beautiful game. He shed a tear looking back down on his beautiful realistic game. That is when he saw a lake in the game. When he walked up to it, he heard crazy whispering. He could tell immediately that this must've been Barry's doing. He shouted "SHOW YOURSELF BARRY" he then heard a really weird and creepy voice say "ok" and then a giant crazy figure amerged from the lake.

"How dare you take what was mine... it was all i had in life..." said the evil giant Barry Garry began shouting at his computer "NO! NO NO NO! I DID NOT!! I DID THIS ALL FOR YOU BARRY!!! I PROMISE..." said the Garry, now in tears. "Hahaha..." said Barry in a really creepy voice. "Lies.... You did it for the money! The fame! The greed.... You are a horrible brother... I am going to make you pay for what you did to me..." The evil giant crazy and a bit twisted Barry descended into the lake. Barry then punched Garry in the private parts and then he felt it in real life.

Garry was shocked. He immediately closed the game and tried to remove all trace of Barry from the game. He succeeded... Or so he thought.


CHAPTER 4: Return of DeKrazi

But the story is not over. Although Barry has mostly been forgotten, his memory lingers. To this day, players of "Garry's Mod" claim to have seen a mysterious black and white figure in their games. Even in single player mode. Legend has it that Barry is still making changes to the game, even in death, Waiting for the perfect time to strike. So if you think you are safe in your Garry's mod server, think again. Because Barry certainly is the crazy.


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