Savageville - Population: 100 and YOU!

Written: December 13th, 2022
With the help of Eva and Mike

My name is James. You are not. Going to believe what has happened to me today. I’ve tried telling so many people, but everyone just thinks I'm freaking crazy. I’m writing this in hopes someone, anyone out there will believe me. Please. I need someone to tell me i’m right.

This all started 3 days ago. I work as a train conductor in New York, City, so I know a lot of people. My family lives all the way in New Jersey, so i don’t get to see them very often. I like being alone sometimes though. It’s nice to sometimes be alone with your thoughts every once and a while. As Richard always says, sometimes isolation is the best company, especially here in the big apple. Anyway thats besides the point.

Christmas is coming up soon, and i wanted to surprise my family with a visit for the holidays. My boss has given me 2 weeks off, so that gives me time to visit my mom and dad. I havent seen them in a long while, so I figured it’d be nice to get them a gift of some kind. My dad is a wealthy butter farmer from the country. So i decided it’d be perfect to get him and mom some new clothes and things like that for christmas.

I quickly ran into a problem, though. It would take me 2 days total to drive all the way from new york to new jersey, and christmas is tomorrow. I’d have to get on the road NOW. I quickly packed my things and headed off immediately. Everything was going well for the first few hours. That was until my car broke down. Fortunately all it took was a little energy and I got it back up and running again.

The journey continued as normal for another few hours, that was, until i saw a billboard for a small town east. The billboard said “savageville, population 100!”. As i got a closer look however, i came to notice somebody had painted a skull and crossed-bones in red paint onto the billboard. Atleast, I hope it was red paint. I didn’t have time to think, before my car immediately ran out of fuel.
I was at my limit. My visit was totally ruined now. I was about to start screaming and punching my steering wheel, but then I heard a knock on my window. It was an old, withering, old man. He smiled at me, but it was a sort of sinister smile. His eyes… I tried to drive away immediately but of course, I was out of fuel. I had no choice but to talk to him. I reluctantly rolled my window down. The man took a deep inhale before speaking. When he spoke, his voice was rough and scratchy. He sounded like zombie out of some kind of tv show.

Old man: “Need a little help there, bud?”
James: “Aghh my car’s broken down and i need a little fuel so i can get to new jersey.”
Old man: “Oh, new jersey? Y’know, this place serves as a kinda “short- cut” to the new jersey. I should know… Say, you aint from round here, are ya?”
James: “Ah, yeah. I’m from the city that never sleeps actually, I’m a train conductor.”
Old man: “Ohh.. You’re one of those huh. Y’know. My son was killed by a train conductor.
James: Oh.. god.. I’m so sorry
Old man: Ey, take care out there. I’m one of the friendlier faces you’ll meet around here. The other folks don’t take too kindly to visitors.
James: Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.

I realised after this that i would definitely not be able to make it to my parents on time. After all, christmas was only in 4 hours. I had to call my parents and let them know I’d be late again. But when i tried to call them, i saw my phone had been turned off. It was at this point i decided that I might as well just stay in this town. After all, it was getting late, and I was getting tired. So i decided to book myself into a hotel for the night.

As i was driving through the town, I saw a few things that just seemed.. Off.. to me… On my drive, I saw lots of people just… staring. Like they were waiting for something to happen. Something sinister, something malicious, or even something savage. I gulped, but i thought maybe it was just town tradition. After all, everyone was doing it. I was the weird one here. I kept driving, I saw the gas station. This might help with my little gas problem, i thought. Behind it, I saw a man being stabbed to death, however i simply dismissed this as a murder. The hotel seemed rather decrepit, almost like it was waiting for me. When i walked inside I could smell the other people who stayed. Their scent was powerful. It made me a bit scared

The woman who owned the hotel sat behind a desk at the far side of the room. She looked at me with anger. She said “To be, or not to be… that is the question”. This confused me but I just continued as normal and asked for a room to stay the night in. She started laughing maniacally. I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, after about a minute the laughter stopped and she handed me a key. That was it. She just kept staring as I walked away and up the stairs to my new room. Weird….

When I entered the room i smelled the smell again. It was like ten million other people were living here, except it was just me. I truly thought I was going mad. But that smell soon turned dreadful. I looked around more closely. There were paintings around the room, each with the same skull and bones pattern painted onto the sign. I could’nt take it anymore i started beating up the walls. And tearing down the wallpaper. This town was fucking evil.

I quickly made my way to the gas station to find a can of gasoline to burn down & explode the whole god damn town. I realized,because of all the weirdos staring at me that I had to be careful and plan this out. I went back to my room and planned out the attack. It took a week of planning and drawing out the idea and I finally knew what to do. I went to the gas station, grabbed some gas pretending to fill up my car. When no one was looking I ran with the can and put gasline everywhere. The town stank of flammability. I knew the people were starting to suspect, but it would be futile anyway because they would be dead soon. I was about to light my match from the match box in my pocket and drop it on the floor of gasoline, but then I saw something that made me hesitate for a moment. The withering old man.

“Whatcha doing” he said
I took out a crowbar from my bag and started hitting him in the face. His teeth started falling out, he was on the floor spitting out blood. I took my car and filled it up with more gas, before lighting a match and throwing it on the floor and setting a trail of gas on fire which made the explosions even more. When I drove away i said “See you suckers” before lighting the gasoline and blowing up and killing everyone and destroying the town and driving away. It was finally over. I won. Or at least, I thought i did…

I got to my family eventually and had a good time. Thankfully i was early and arrived on christmas eve. Right on time to give them my present. My dad was ecstatic to see some new clothes and my mom was also happy. While they were admiring their presents i snuck off to another room on the television to see the news and see if what I did was on there. It wasn’t. I was confused… i thought my act would have made it on national television, seeing as it was a whole town. But no mentions of it in the news papers or ANYWHERE. I was getting a little pissed off so i googled it on my loptop and I saw on google maps of the US that a town called Savageville NEVER EVEN EXISTED. There was no record of it being a real town at all. This was distressing to hear. I went back and finished the family dinner, but I was not the same. My parents asked me if i was ok and i said yes but i was’nt actually ok.

A few years later i went to visit europe to see France. Or more specifically the national landmark ‘The Eiffel Tower’. I was going to take pictures of it for my photo album. On the way there, I noticed i ran out of gas for my car and had to take a shortcut but what i saw surprised me. There it was. A familiar looking billboard.

“Savageville - Population: 100 and YOU!”

Oh my god…
It couldnt be. The town It followed me.

“NO. NOO!!!” I cried. I thought it was over, I was quickly knocked out and taken to a mental asylum by the authorities and i was stuck there When i woke up I saw my room I was stuck in and i tried to get up and get out and tell someone but then two men in dark suits and glasses walked in and said “Oh god hes remembering again… Get the gas”

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