The Scythesmith

Written: August 30th, 2023
With the help of Eva, Fifi and Chezzkids

August 18th 2018

Hey! My name is Bruce. This will be my last blog post. If you are reading this. I'm already dead.. Here's how..

Where to start, where to start? Well, it all started a week ago, that crazy week. College was going fine, I was studying well with the help of my friend, went back to my apartment and ate some chips as usual for me. Heh. Then I turned on the TV to watch the sports results from last night's football game, because I missed the home run. I accidentally turned on the news channel, and I was about to switch it back to my sports until… I saw something unnerving.

“BREAKING NEWS!” the news anchor said, with a fear in his voice I had never heard in my whole life. “College student, Jacob Wrinklam, has been found dead in his college dorm.> Neighbors report the sound of a scythe being slashed. When police investigated, they found the body… But they didn’t find the head. Two of his fingers had been removed, as were two of his teeth.”

I jumped back in my seat. Jacob was a friend. My BEST friend! He’s the one that got me through studying. “Damn him, damn that killer!” I thought. “I will find that man,” I said, “If it’s the last thing I do”. Unfortunately, that sentence would be truer than I thought at the time…

I listened to the news a little more, and some extra details came through. “We found CCTV footage of the suspected murderer. Here he is fleeing the scene.” It was a really blurred photo, i couldn’t quite make anything out except a putrid green mask with what appeared to be a scythe stuck to it. The featureless mask was completely covering every part of his face, except for his nose and his long hair. He was holding a large scythe and had a hood that covered his neck. He was tall, lanky, skinny and was wearing rather large boots and a black suited outfit that looked like he just came from a funeral, maybe Jacob’s?

I knew I had to investigate this. I knew I had to find my friend and put a stop to this madness. So the next day, I went to the police. “Hello, what information do you have about the Jacob Wrinklam murder?”. The officer was clearly shaken by my question. “Hey we… We don’t discuss that with the public. The truth is, 15 people have been killed by this scythe guy already, all within the past month. We haven’t found any leads, so the chief commissioner of police said we have to do everything we can to cover it up. It’s not right, but I have to do my job. I can’t afford to get fired.”

Needless to say, I was outraged. How could they let all these people die? “HOW DARE YOU, THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING AND YOU’RE A POLICE OFFICER AND YOU WON’T FREAKING HELP? I SHOULD GET YOUR BADGE! UGH!” I said, with fury. The police officer was speechless, probably near the verge of tears. I don’t regret what I said, but looking back, I could’ve been a little nicer. After all, this guy killed 16 people!

Anyway, I stormed out of the building, balling my fists. I was probably about to kick a trash can over but then Molly walked up to me. “Hey, are you okay? You must be feeling pretty bad after Jacob got killed by that fucking maniac. I know he was your best friend” she said. Molly’s a girl from my college, we barely talked. She had long, golden black hair with a long pink streak and a cool blue hoodie and an aloof, uncaring but sensitive attitude with a sharp edge. “Yeah”, I said

She walked away and I went back to my apartment, thinking about what to do. How do I get this guy? The police weren’t gonna help, I’d be completely on my own. Then I came up with what seemed at the time to be a genius plan. I had to go back to the police station, but unfortunately, what I saw filled me with horror and dread. All the police officers. All. dead. There was blood everywhere, The police chief commissioner Johnson was still breathing though, I ran up to him and tried to perform CPR but it was too late. Both of his legs were clearly cut off via scythe. There were many holes from gunshots in his chest, in the shape of a scythe. As I held him in my arms, he coughed up blood and said “Don’t give up…” before taking his last breath and dying. I knew then and there that this humble village would never be the same.

Fucking hell! So I was about to walk out of the police station then I saw…You know who… Him. He was even more disgusting and wretched in person. That green mask burning into my retinas, his cape flowing through the wind, but a familiar presence. I tried to get a closer look at him, but he turned to look at me immediately, and pointed at me with his long scary finger. What he said next chilled me to the bone.

“I’m comsing to kill you next, Bruce..” he says, as he disappears into the darkness.

I must admit, it looked pretty awesome but I was scared for my life. I tried to chase him but I realized I didn’t know anything about him, and I would surely be killed, so I made an escape.

I quickly ran to the library, the safest place I knew. This is where me and Jacob used to study. We loved it here. Fuck, Jacob. He’s dead now. I’m so sorry Jacob, I could’ve saved you. But I didn't. And now look at me, i’ve become the monster who walk in the hallwaye. Anyway I went up to my favourite librarian and I asked in a frightened panic “Where’s the book about the goddamned scythesmith?” to which she sinisterly and creepily replied “Shhhh!”. I was confused so I asked again, and the old withered librarian who was clearly in need of retirement, for she was far past her prime, sporting a pair of wobbly glasses above her left eyebrows; weary from the years and years of working at such a rotten establishment, slowly aging and withering away said “Nobody knows… We’ve been trying to search for the truth for years now. Maybe you’ll have more luck than we..” However, as she said this, a hand raised and pointed towards the dark corner with her long, frail weakened finger, clearly withered from the years of abuse time itself had unleashed on her body.

I walked to where she pointed, and saw a green shiny book sticking out of the bookshelf in the corner. I tried to pull it out, but it was no use! It wouldn’t BUDGE! I sighed in absolute disbelief and defeat, but then I felt the ground around me shake. “Woah, what’s going on!” I shouted quietly. The wall began to move, a secret passageway opened. It looked so so old, it hadn’t been used for decades, surely. I gulped and said “Welp, here goes, i guess…” shrugging to myself, before walking down the decrepit hallway. Like the monster. Inside I found a cobweb-filled room with an open book on the desk. This must be it! I could finally wield an advantage against this monster, this sicko that took everything from me. Jacob, to name an example.

I turned the pages, hoping to find what I was l👀king for. But then a green trapdoor opened beneath me and I fell down. I hit the ground and groaned “Ohh!”. I looked around me. It was a dungeon! Even more hideous and decrepit than the librarian who watches above, somehow. Thats when i noticed them, the skeletons. Dead. Not Joking. Bodies. Staring right back at me with their toothy grins. There were 15 of them to be exact… No wait, it cannot be.. The victims! I saw some stone plates as well with the names of each victim, sixteen to be exact. But wait, the local MORGUE has jacob’s body, so who is that sixteenth guy? I took a closer look and gasped and fumbled around and knocked over an old vase. It was clear as day.

“Bruce ‘Buddy Boy’ Chóuzxĩmeiyre-Hughes”

That… that was ME! I stroked my small chin curiously as I pondered, what could this mean? THEN I REMEMBERED BACK TO WHAT HE SAID EARLIER ABOUT KILLING ME AND I FREAKED OUT. I found a way out of the dungeous and went home, thinking about what had happened all night. I couldn’t sleep. How could i? Was he coming? Was i going to be next? Would I end up just like my best friend Jacob?

Then suddenly, I heard scratching at my window. I was terrified. It was a long, newly sharpened scythe, wanting to get in. I hesitantly got up out of bed, I really didn’t want to, but it felt like i was no longer in control of my own body anymore, I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as my heart pounded in and out of my chest. It felt like every step i made was slowly marching me closer to my inevitable painful demise. I felt alone, afraid, and completely defenseless. Before i knew it, i was standing in front of my bedroom wall, my hand slowly raised shakily without me even realising it, i was beyond horrified at this point, I knew what i had to do, but i didn’t know if i should, at this point, anything i do could mark the painful end of my life. I tturned the light on and realized it was just a tree branch. “Phew!”, I said gladly, before going back to sleep. I woke up to a knock at my front door so I answered it. I was immediately shot in my lower left elbow by the person I dreaded the most in the whole wide world.

“My name is The Scythesmith. And your time is fucking up.”

I yelled and ran around. He swung his creepy weapons at me, but I dodged and I dodged. Heh. I was getting rather confident until he shot me in my other elbow. My arms were hurting but I had to keep going. While I bled out, I ran out of my house to escape his wrath. I heard him scream “Come back here, you knob-gobbler!” as i fled the scene. I was fast, but so was he. He used his scythe to boost himself forward and gain an advantage. “GET FUCKING BACK HERE! LOOK AT ME! FUCKING LOOK AT ME! LOOK. AT. ME!” i heard him shout! It was quite startling so i had to take a quick break to calm down. He caught up quick so I continued running.

I reached the village forest and ran and I ran and I ran. The mysterious hag from the library was waiting for me. I kept running and running from my doom, I heard the swings and slashes of the rancid scythe. Trees began falling around me, blocking my every path. I tripped over a branch and fell to the floor. “Ow!” I yelled. The Scytheslayer walked up to me slowly, humming a frightening tune that I knew all too well. It was time for me to die.

“It is time for you to fucking die, Buddy Boy.”

No. It wasn’t. I knew what I had to do. I had to stand my ground and FIGHT! I needed to avenge jacob. I yelled “You’ll never kill me … YAAAAAHHH!!” and began to brawl. I kicked him in his private area and then punched the face. This knocked over his mask, and I saw who he truly was. It was none other than my best friend in all the world, Jacob. He said to me “I’m sorry.. YOU’RE FUCKED!”. He threw his scythe to the ground, pulled out a gun and said “scythes don’t always work..”. How could my friend betray me? “CURSE YOU, JACOB!” I screamed. I quickly became unconscious. The last thing I remember hearing was his sinister chuckle.

I woke up in the hospital, but they have me connected to tubes. I can’t move. They gave me my laptop though, which is why I can write to my blog. The doctors said I have a scar on my chest in the shape of a scythe. I lifted my hand up and realized two of my fingers were missing. What was he up to?

And that is why, my dear friends, this will be my last post. I fear Jacob will come back for me, and I will be completely defenseless. Goodbye, and if you’re reading this, stop him.


August 19th 2018

I’m okay I'm still in the hospital. He hasn’t come back for me yet. But I feel like he will very soon probably. I saw on the news that the FBI and CIA had to get involved because all the police got killed. Word has come out about all the murders as well. Everyone knows about the Scythesmith, so I imagine they’ll catch him soon. But one thing’s for sure. I will never be the same again. Fuck you, Jacob.

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